Sue Di Chio Gets Lost in Singapore

March 21, 2013, 10:44 amYahoo!7

Sue Di Chio, of Australian fashion label Suboo, shares her tips for travelling in style.

Sue Di Chio Gets Lost in Singapore

Sue Di Chio, of Australian fashion label Suboo, shares her tips for travelling in style.

1. What are your three favourite places to shop in Singapore and why?

Haji lane is Sydney's Paddington; a quirky lane lined with quaint shophouses filled with the latest fashion and home wares. Another is Ann Siang Hill, which is full of stunning architecture, trendy boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants, a great way to shop and explore. Orchid Road is your one stop fashion Mecca of designer labels and high street stores.

2. What are your top 5 must do/see’s in Singapore?

You must visit 4 main areas and cultural enclaves, China Town, Little India, and Kampong Glam and the Paranakan Quarters. Experience the different cultures that have shaped Singapore's uniqueness. All are located within a short distance of each other and getting around Singapore is so easy. Gardens by the Bay is a 101-hectare botanic garden, with plants from all around the world. The 16 metre tall super-trees are like something out of Avatar. Sentosa Island (15 minutes from the city) is an island within the island, with stunning beach clubs (Tanjong) and water parks. It's the perfect escape from the city. Spend a day at Dempsey Hill, once the old army barracks, the area has been transformed with cafes and restaurants. The area is well known for its gastronomic delights with pretty bungalow style buildings amongst a stunning leafy green backdrop.

3. What did you learn about the destination while you were there?

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, and a melting pot of culture and diversity. Modern and vibrant whilst steeped in history it there’s so much to see and do.

4. What amazed you most about Singapore? What was the most unexpected?

The greenery and architecture- every street is tree lined and there is so much history. The Paranakan and British influence buildings are stunning.

5. Would you recommend others to visit Singapore?

Absolutely, I’ve already made a Singapore hot tips list and passed onto girlfriends for shopping weekends and bar hopping, and families for a holiday vacations on Sentosa Island.

6. What are your top tips for exploring Singapore?

Get out and see the real Singapore, Orchard road is great but there’s so much more to explore and getting around is so easy. Everything is 15-30 minutes walking distance of the city, with hidden gems to be discovered around every corner.

7. What are your top tips for travelling in style?

Cool luggage, says a lot about a traveller, there’s so many great designs on the market, there’s no reason to borrow your Dad’s beaten up trunk! Lay out your outfits and make sure separates work well together for mixing and matching, one pair of shoes should go with at least 4 outfits Take a cool cross body satchel bag, there are so IN right now and great because you can keep both hands free for a taking pics and shopping.

8. What five items do you have to have in your luggage when travelling?
• Comfortable Suboo, Emerald Hill Singapore Collection sandal
• Suboo, Emerald Hill cross over satchel bag
• Wella–after sun hair spray
• Model Co Nail polish in Viatmain C pop orange
• Elizabeth Arden- eight hour lip protecting gloss

• Ipad – loaded with Spotify for continuous music

9. When you shop abroad, do you look for a certain piece/s or just hope something will jump out at you?

Too many things jump out at me, that’s my problem!

10. What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I never really set out to be a designer. I explored my creative side with a 6 week adobe graphic course. This lead to my umbrella designs and the story is still evolving!

11. What has been your career highlight and why?

Showing at Mercedes Benz fashion week in Sydney and Miami it was a great platform to launch our distinct brands Suboo and Suboo resort.

12. What defines the Suboo brand?

Innovative prints influenced by art, music and film Suboo is forward, multi-dimensional and translates high fashion into everyday wearability.

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About Suboo

Sue Di Chio launched Suboo as a designer beach umbrella brand in 2007. Hailed as the must-have fashion accessory by Harper's Bizarre, Suboo gained a fashion following of fans and the success of this simple concept paved the way for the brand's expansion into women's resort apparel and accessories.

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