Billabong Sanctuary, Townsville North Queensland is Australia's best interactive wildlife sanctuary. Visitors to the sanctuary join in animal encounters. A series of unforgettable hands on adventures between the guests and Australia's native animals. You can expect to have the time of your life. Experience the sight, sense and feel of the Billabong Sanctuary's wide range of native animals. Cuddly and cute, slippery and fascinating.

At the Sanctuary guests can hold a koala, hug a wombat, hold a crocodile and wrap a python around their neck. Once entry charges are paid there are no further charges. Holding animals is included in entry as well as all photographic opportunities - guests use their own camera. The experience of visiting the Sanctuary is similar to walking through the Australian bush.

Billabong Sanctuary is divided into three different habitats of eucalypt forest, rainforest and wetlands. Unlike the conventional animals are displayed in natural surroundings with many of the birds and animals free wrangling. Kangaroos can be encountered throughout the grounds, all friendly and eager to be hand fed. Centre piece of the Sanctuary is four acres of billabong (aboriginal word for waterhole) which attracts many species of waterfowl. These waterbirds feel so much at home that they breed and raise their young around the billabong.


Bruce Highway
Townsville QLD
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