Beijing still has plenty to keep visitors happy, from awe-inspiring architecture to a flourishing contemporary art scene and showstopper dining.

Lake McKenzie is the `jewel in the crown' on Queensland's Fraser Island but it still remains a hidden gem among Australian tourist destinations.

There’s something about Paris that’s for sure. It’s special, even in the face of adversity. Or maybe especially in the face of adversity.

We all know that one of the worst parts of air travel is the waiting to get on and off the plane. You see those people who jump up as soon as they see the gate is near, only to stand for what seems …

Inspired by crime novelist Agatha Christie, who marks the 125th anniversary of her birth this year, Laura Wurzal takes a murder mystery break in Surrey.

In one great leap for artificial intelligence and perhaps one step back for the confused airline passenger, KLM Airlines has introduced Spencer, a robot who will guide hapless travellers around the …

Whatever their reasons — maybe they're looking for an easy meal or maybe they just really like attention - animals can't help but come and see what humans are up to on their holidays.