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The world's latest checkout

November 29, 2012, 3:16 pmYahoo!7

In a world first, Art Series Hotels is introducing the Overstay Checkout: in a nutshell you don't check out until someone checks in.

The world s latest checkout

Why do hotels force you to check out at 11:00am when your room isn’t needed till 6pm, if at all?

In a world first, Art Series Hotels is introducing the Overstay Checkout: in a nutshell you don't check out until someone checks in.

The Overstay Checkout is available to guests who stay at any of the Melbourne based Art Series Hotels: The Olsen, The Cullen or the Blackman. The morning they are due to leave they can request an Overstay Checkout. The hotel will then let the guests know exactly how late they can stay on, it could be 1pm, 3pm, early evening, or even the next day - it all depends on how full the hotel is for the night ahead and when the next guests are arriving. If guests do stay another night, they can try their luck again the following morning. This process could continue indefinitely.

With early check out times considered to be a ‘pet peeve’ of hotel guests, and research showing that people are taking more frequent but shorter holidays close to home, Art Series Hotels CEO Will Deague was keen to set things right.

“We don’t think an 11:00am check out is particularly cool. Our guests are always requesting a late checkout and we wanted to extend this offer over summer when Melbourne is at its best. ‘The Overstay Checkout’ is a world first we are particularly proud of as we think it makes a lot of sense.

“We believe our guests will respond favourably to it and if we have the rooms available then it’s logistically very easy for us to let them stay on.

“We’re incredibly excited about this offer and envisage we will potentially give away hundreds of free room nights this summer.

“We know this will appeal strongly to local visitors and people from regional Victoria who aren’t in a great hurry to get home, and if it’s a success we’ll implement it further down the track,” he said.

The ‘Overstay Checkout’ runs across all Art Series Hotels including The Olsen South Yarra, The Blackman St Kilda Road and The Cullen Prahran from December 16 – January 13. Prices start from $165 a night.

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  1. Mr Sparkel06:28pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    They "force" you out so the cleaning and maintenance staff can get in and do their thing before the next guests arrive. Also gives some time for the room to get rid of the smell of the previous guests. Can you imagine the chaos or expense of having cleaners and others on all day moving up and down halls vacuuming, etc and making noise? Not practical. Good bit of marketingflash in the pan. They might let you stay there indefinately! ROLF!!