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One night at Andaz Liverpool Street: Hotel of the future

December 20, 2012, 4:55 pm Chris Ashton Yahoo!7

Once known as the Great Eastern Hotel, the Andaz Liverpool Street is a sleek n' shiny fusion of modern style and Victorian splendour.

Andaz Liverpool Street

Positioned right next door to Liverpool Street Station, Andaz Liverpool Street is a hotel brimming with history. Once known as the Great Eastern Hotel, it was built in the 1800's and designed by Charles Barry Jnr, son of the great Charles Barry who designed London's Houses of Parliament.

You might assume the hotel would be stuck in a time warp... but that couldn't be further from the truth. The hotel underwent a massive refurbishment in 2000 and emerged as a sleek n' shiny fusion of modern style and Victorian splendour.

Photo: Andaz Liverpool Street

Walking through the revolving door it feels like I've stepped into an exclusive club, not a hotel reception. Mood lighting, lounge music... it's all very stylish. To my left is a gorgeous timber slab table and wall of angled mirrors, and to my right a long black bar area… which is actually the reception desk. Instead of a barrier between guests and staff, everyone is on the same side of the desk.

Mara, my host, grabs an iPad and begins the very informal check-in process. "Would you like a drink?", she asks. I think to myself, 'isn't it a bit early in the day for that?' She means water. While I enjoy my drink she confirms my dinner reservation for later tonight. Glancing around the lobby, the atrium at the far end resembles a mini Guggenheim Museum. So far I'm very impressed.

Photo: Andaz Liverpool Street

Check-in complete, time to scope out my room. In contrast to the larger-than-life reception area, my room is simple, modern and refined. With sleek timber furnishings, a sexy white leather lounge and abundant light, it doesn't feel like a hotel that's over 100 years old. There are no dusty tablecloths, doyleys or lace curtains in sight. This is as chic and sophisticated as it gets.

The first thing to catch my eye is the television. Seemingly floating in the back corner, it's playing an overview of the hotel's restaurants and bars. Just to the right of the TV is the sexy queen size bed. Covered by a mass of red and grey cushions, with a grey throw draped over the base, its huge - the kind of bed you could easily lose your partner in during the night.

Directly in front of the bed is the separate study area with a white lounge and desk overlooking the street below. On the wall is an oversized mirror that resembles a set piece from the Chronicles of Narnia. This is also the home of the Nespresso coffee machine. With my early wake up tomorrow that's going to get a serious workout.

Photo: Chris Ashton

Through the next doorway is the bathroom. The classic black and white tiles give it a very retro feel, and the sense of luxury is enhanced by the lush Plantation toiletries. I begin eyeing up the rather bathrobe to see if it might fit inside my luggage. Pity about the meagre luggage restrictions back home.

Back in the main room (I tend to dart from one side of the room to another when I'm first exploring it) it's the mini bar that's now captured my attention. Free juice, soft drink and snacks! I've never had this at any hotel I've stayed at in Australia. It's a great idea and more hotels should do it.

Now I've checked out my room, it's time to explore the rest of the hotel. There are several fancy restaurants at the Andaz, ranging from Catch (a sustainable seafood restaurant) and Miyako (Japanese) to the very chic 1901 Wine Bar & Restaurant (where I'll be dining tonight). There's also the George Pub, which wouldn't look out of place in a Sherlock Holmes movie.

Photo: Andaz Liverpool Street

I've never been good at describing food. Does it taste nice? Yes, it does. That's as detailed as you'd normally get from me. I could never make it as a wine reviewer. At 1901 however, I found myself longing for a thesaurus in order to describe the flavours, textures and aromas in a fashion that befit such a meal. My entrée of duck broth with pistachio dumplings, truffle flavour and celeriac ravioli, with its subtle fragrance and delicate saltiness, had me longing for more... while the beef tenderloin with braised cheeks, pumpkin puree and Jerusalem artichokes, simply put, had me at hello. Just like the lobby, 1901 had a central bar where staff and guest were on one side.

It could be my blonde hair causing trouble again, but I somehow got lost on the way back to my room - the corridors are a bit of a rabbit warren. I took a wrong turn at Catch restaurant and somehow ended up on a different floor than what I expected. I should have taken them up on the explanation of how to actually find my room.

An unexpected discovery during my late night meandering, the hotel has an incredible Masonic temple. The opulent room of marble, gold and mahogany is an historic treasure which remained forgotten and walled off for decades before its rediscovery in the 1990′s. It's now used as an event space, and was even featured as a set for a Florence + the Machine music video.

Photo: Andaz Liverpool Street

Checking out the next day, I think back over my experience at Andaz Liverpool Street. Though it looked like a standard hotel on the outside, inside there was something refreshingly unique about it. Whether it's a glimpse into the future of hotels, or just a rebel breaking away from tradition and creating something wonderful, the one thing I know for certain is that I'll be back - many times.

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