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Five outrageously-priced minibar items

December 3, 2012, 10:23 amYahoo!7

Hotel review website has found five of the priciest minibar items in hotel history.

Five outrageously-priced minibar items

Hotel room minibars are notoriously exorbitant and any thrifty traveller will stay well clear.

But we often can’t help but check out the price list, if only to scoff at the idea of paying $12 for a bottle of water.

Hotel review website has found five of the priciest minibar items in hotel history.

1. US$80 chocolates at the Peninsula Beverly Hills

A box of chocolates that will set you back $80 at this California hotel gets you a mere 10 tasty treats. They’d better be life changing for that price tag!

2. US$60 cannabis candle at the Drake Hotel, Toronto

This funky modern hotel has US$60 candles for its guests who want to fill their room with the smell of marijuana – and other candle flavours available include tobacco, dark run and mojito.

3. $400 Pleasure Pack at The Drake Hotel, Toronto

Clearly not afraid of pushing boundaries, the Drake also offers a $400 ‘pleasure pack’ that includes a black silk scarf, a 24-carat gold waterproof vibrator, and batteries.

4. Cocktail mixers at The James New York

Minibars at this New York hotel come with top shelf spirits like corn whiskey (US$45) or Tuthilltown’s Hudson Baby Bourbon (US$50). But serious cocktail connoisseurs can order a US$28 set of mixers which includes bitters, fresh citrus, dry and sweet vermouth, juice, ginger beer and more.

5. US$25 bottled water at Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago

The trump hotel is big on H20, it would seem, with minibars offering four types of “designer” bottled water. $25 will get you a bottle of water from the English Mountain Springs in Tennessee that’s hand decorated with Swarovski crystals – entirely unnecessary, but some people must buy it!

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  1. Martine B08:54am Tuesday 04th December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    My tip from experience and practice (100% worth it). Before you even unpack, get a cab to a large local supermarket; stock up on bottled water++, and whatever drinks you fancy. Back to your room, empty the mini bar, put the contents out of sight, and refill with your stuff (don't forget the nibbles! Need plenty).